Project Experiences

Youth exchange, Training Course, local projects, etc.

46 people from 6 different countries, Italy, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and Spain, were summoned from 4 to 14 October in Villanueva de Guadamejud, Cuenca, to start an ERASMUS+ project that would change their lives.

Do you enjoy traveling, meeting new people from all over the world, discovering new cultures, getting out of your comfort zone? If you answered yes, Erasmus+ projects are made for you.

It has taken place in Estonia: "Project Lab for Inclusion", a Training Course in which the participants of Proactive Future: Cris, Nuri and Rosa have enjoyed a wonderful experience, the last one leaves us these lines:"We embarked on what would undoubtedly be a great adventure in the direction of Estonia. And although in the course of the days, in a...

Ten days ago, 42 people from 7 different countries across Europe were about to venture on a journey of self-discovery and totally new experiences.

With a lot of illusion and energy we have developed NATURECO, a project to raise awareness among young people between 14 and 17 years old about the importance of preserving the environment, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in our environment.

Let's recap what has happened on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, which is divided in two: the northern part belongs to the French Republic and the southern part corresponds to St. Martin, an autonomous country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

On September 3, 42 people come together to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, creating an impact on their lives and those around them.

In September, 22 young Europeans from 5 different countries (Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Poland) with different backgrounds came together with the same objective: to address one of the biggest problems that Europe and the world are facing in recent years: youth unemployment.