We are a group of young people who are passionate about contributing to the development of young people and society from an international point of view. With the development of our activities we work on the fundamental rights of the European Union, our specific objectives and values are:

  • To increase young people's interest in civic and social affairs, raising their level of activity at local, national and European level.
  • Promote youth participation in various local and international projects and events as a means of continuing education and development.
  • Education and promotion of diversity, multilateral thinking, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding.
  • Promote cultural exchanges and intercultural learning as a way of self-development, breaking down barriers and creating social links.
  • To develop volunteering and learning projects, promoting education through non-formal methods.


Our activities




By internal invitation from a member of the association

  • Priority for youth mobilities
  • Setting up projects with a team 
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Assistance in organising events
  • Make a difference in your CV

We are waiting for you!

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