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46 people from 6 different countries, Italy, Poland, Romania, Latvia, Estonia and Spain, were summoned from 4 to 14 October in Villanueva de Guadamejud, Cuenca, to start an ERASMUS+ project that would change their lives.

"Future is Rural" was a project created to give visibility to the rural areas most disadvantaged by the depopulation process. For 10 days, participants were able to discover and enjoy the benefits of rural areas compared to the urban areas where we are used to living. The project and the international group have been coordinated by the Spanish team of Proactive Future, who have organised activities and debates aimed at discussing the benefits, disadvantages and future projections of rural areas. While experiencing what it is like to live in a practically isolated rural area, we have been able to understand what the main needs of these areas are and come up with ideas aimed at protecting and caring for them while respecting the ecosystem, the culture and the priorities of the people.

"Once you live it you won't forget it."

Change starts with you

Although not everything has been about workshops and activities, we have also been able to enjoy ourselves: getting to know each other, discovering our environment, our cultures, walking, chatting, singing, day and night hiking, facing our fears and insecurities and, of course, overcoming them. It is hard to believe that, in just 10 days, we have forged bonds, lived experiences and learnt lessons that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. We know for sure, we will repeat. Will you join us?

We have managed to identify the problems that plague rural areas, and although there is still much to be done, all participants have enjoyed valuable learning about sustainability and rural progress that we will undoubtedly keep in our hearts for a long time to come.

Project diary!

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