en-Employment for Youth |  Training Course


In September, 22 young Europeans from 5 different countries (Spain, Croatia, Italy, Greece and Poland) with different backgrounds came together with the same objective: to address one of the biggest problems that Europe and the world are facing in recent years: youth unemployment.

6 days of training

During 6 days of work, the participants shared their opinions and ideas about unemployment and participated in numerous activities. They have learned CV and motivation letter writing techniques, tips on how to pass a job interview, how to work with E-Job databases, how to use volunteering as a way to access the labor market, what is YouthPass, how to get a Europass Passport language passport, how to work with job centers, etc.

The training course stimulated young people's initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability through theoretical input from experts and participants. After returning home, the participants passed on their knowledge to the young people in their organizations.

During this project I have achieved both personal and professional accomplishments. For example, on the professional side, I have developed my social skills and learned how to organize a great team. As for me, I learned to live together and communicate in a new way.

    The main objectives of this Training Course have been:

  • Encourage the creation of future projects within the Erasmus program that will target unemployed youth.
  • To promote the participation of young people in volunteering.
  • To train young workers and develop their skills and knowledge in this field.
  • To reflect on the unemployment situation of young people in Europe.

We firmly believe that, in addition to knowledge and skills, values and personal priorities are also an important part of the employment process.