Do you enjoy traveling, meeting new people from all over the world, discovering new cultures, getting out of your comfort zone? If you answered yes, Erasmus+ projects are made for you.

From September 22nd to October 1st, a program of this kind took place in Oviedo (Asturias) called "EXPLOSIVE HABITS" coordinated by the organization Proactive Future.

The project brought together 32 young people from 4 different countries; 8 participants from Portugal, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain. The theme focused on personal development, improving self-esteem and mental and physical health. The activities focused on the search for assertiveness, the investigation of different philosophical currents, attachment styles, emotional bonds and the connection that is forged with other people and with our minds while spending time in nature (specifically thanks to hiking in various Asturian landscapes). The project was a challenge for the participants, as the use of technological devices was very restricted during the first days, which was a great opportunity for them to understand the true values of life and begin to realize their addictions.

"Once you live it you won't forget it."

Change starts with you

I'm lying on my bed wondering how it is possible that I have just returned home from Oviedo.
It seems like yesterday when the project started. It seems like yesterday when all of us, 32 strangers, arrived at the same place to share this incredible experience.

We have learned many things about each other, but also about ourselves. We laughed, we loved, we enjoyed. We have learned to free ourselves from the weight of worries and old rusty chains that kept us tied to the past. We have climbed to the top of a mountain, bathed in the cold ocean and hiked trails through the night. We have shown ourselves what we are capable of and overcome, we have faced our inner selves and won, we have found our way and made them ourselves. 

Project diary!

A short summary...