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Ten days ago, 42 people from 7 different countries across Europe were about to venture on a journey of self-discovery and totally new experiences.

"Make It Possible" was a physical and mental health project that took place in the picturesque region of Asturias in northern Spain. It was organized by the Spanish Proactive Future team, led by Francisco Martínez Serrano (Pachu). Under his leadership, we were offered the opportunity to learn about the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle, in close contact with nature, which has long been forgotten amidst the hustle and bustle of big cities. We have participated in discussions about life priorities and presented strategies for a greener future. We have climbed to great heights, reached dark and narrow caves and followed a river to reach the ocean.

Besides initiating us into a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally, these activities have helped us to overcome our fear of heights, darkness and narrow spaces; but also our fear of the unknown, of going out of our comfort zone or even of not fitting in. In addition to all that, he taught us to live together and work as a group, so that all together we were able to make it happen. We did it, can you do it?

"Once you live it you won't forget it."

Change starts with you

This lesson has been one of the most important. The participants have returned home realizing the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health as well as realizing their capacity and great abilities, confidence, since our limits are much further than we think.

Project diary!

A short summary...