Project Lab for Inclusion | Training Course

It has taken place in Estonia: "Project Lab for Inclusion", a Training Course in which the participants of Proactive Future: Cris, Nuri and Rosa have enjoyed a wonderful experience, the last one leaves us these lines:"We embarked on what would undoubtedly be a great adventure in the direction of Estonia. And although in the course of the days, in a beautiful location, in Elva, an immense forest of several hectares of pine trees, we had a series of mishaps in the logistics of the project. We were able to solve them and enjoy the incomparable company of young people of various nationalities.Personally, I take with me the memory of the shared nights, the bonfire in the forest, and the sauna."
"In addition to new friends from Greece, Romania and of course my Spanish colleagues. I recommend all of you who have not done a TC before to enter the Eramus+ world".