Shape Your Future, Shape Your Mind | Youth Exchange


Let's recap what has happened on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, which is divided in two: the northern part belongs to the French Republic and the southern part corresponds to St. Martin, an autonomous country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Shape Your Future, Shape Your Mind project has succeeded in raising awareness of mental health issues specific to covid-19, making young people understand the importance of physical and other stress-reducing activities for a healthier life, both mentally and physically.

Artistic sense and inventiveness have been developed, giving participants freedom of expression: interactive presentations; theater sessions as a manifestation of creativity; creation of motivational clips; artistic presentations and cultural evenings from St. Maarten, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

Together the participants have overcome prejudices and stereotypes about other cultures. They have stepped out of their comfort zone through new situations, through which they have learned more about themselves.

"Fear is a reaction, courage is a decision."

Change starts with you

This lesson has been one of the most important. The participants have returned home realizing the importance of taking care of their mental health as well as realizing their capacity and great abilities, confidence, since our limits are much further than we think.